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  • Built our home with Avalon. Great communication through out the process. The team answered all of our questions and was flexible with request. We love our new home. I recommend them to friends and family.

    Shannon Castillo

    Our Avalon home was completed in April 2019. Every step of the process was guided by knowledgeable and caring staff. Every staff person worked diligently to provide excellent customer service. Almost every he subcontractor has a longstanding relationship with the builder, quite remarkable these days. Overall,... read more

    Rosanna Licht

    We built the Avalon III on our own lot in 2016. It was very easy to work with Sue and the builder. There was good communication throughout the process and we couldn't be happier with our home.

    Sandra Vigil
  • Avalon takes pride in their work. There are so many options to pick from and you truly get to pick everything, not like other places that have limited selections or "packages ". All of their staff are there for you from start to finish with any questions. They make you... read more

    Marion Knott

    We love having such a beautiful and well-built house that we have made into our home. Everyone made the whole process as easy as possible, and the whole experience was more exciting and pleasant than we expected. Thanks to the entire team that made this journey so special.

    John Lawson

    If you want custom home type building on a budget check out Avalon. They built a home for us in 2019/2020. The finishes are definitely much nicer than we had in our Sun City Del Webb Carolina Lakes home. They build on time with no surprises and... read more

    Wendy Crofford
  • We are so pleased with our new Avalon home. The quality is excellent. They have so many options to choose from that makes your home unique and individualized. During some challenging times, they worked with us and we are so happy with the outcome. Our... read more

    Lisa Brummett

    I had a house built by Avalon homes in 2018. Construction and move in went very well. Fast forward to 2020 and after a short stint overseas we moved back into the house. We found a couple of issues that I wasn't sure were still under warranty. We called Avalon... read more

    Victor Solero

New Homes In Keystone

New Homes Near Me in Keystone, FL

Are you trying to find your dream home in Keystone, FL? It can be a challenge in a large area like Hillsborough. You want to be sure you find a home you love without going too far out of your budget. There are many options for new homes in Keystone to sort through as well- it can be a challenge to choose!

At Avalon Building Corporation, we have everything you need to get your dream home. We build it for you on your property and ensure you have all the features you need to feel comfortable. So, instead of searching “new homes near me” on your device, contact us first. The following is what you need to know.

We Have the Best Homes

At Avalon Building Corporation, we have the best homes in the Hillsborough area. All of our homes are beautiful and can be slightly customized to suit all of your needs and preferences. If you are interested in seeing what houses we can offer, be sure to visit our model center.

The model center showcases all of our best design work. You can easily set an appointment up with us, then come view the homes in person. That way, you have the chance to see before you buy. Many customers say they feel satisfied with this method. They get to experience the home before it’s built on their property.

Many Designs With New Models

Our team is always updating our home plans. We want to ensure you are getting the best possible home, meaning we need to keep everything we do current. For example, our newest model at the moment is the Aruba. The design features stonework, a large, stunning front door, and a spacious garage.

No matter what you are looking for in a home, we have models to offer. Our team can adjust the design, giving you even more control over how the final result looks. However, if you choose the first building company that pops up when you Google “new homes near me,” you aren’t going to find someone with as many options.

Building Homes is Our Specialty

Avalon Building Corporation has been open and operating in Keystone, FL for many years. During that time, we have built hundreds of new homes for the community. We are confident that we can also provide you with a gorgeous home that lasts.

All of our team members are certified, qualified, experienced individuals. We have all the tools and training needed to craft the house of your dreams. However, not every company you find by searching “new homes near me” online can offer you what we can. 

Our team will always be open with you. We work hard to be reliable, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have. A random business you find online might not be certified in the Hillsborough area- but you know that we are.

We Make Semi-Custom Homes

Our semi-custom homes are tailor-made to suit all of your needs. We take one of our standard designs, then alter it to your liking. We can add or remove features, making the home much better suited to you and your family.

Our customers greatly enjoyed this feature. We were able to make a home that they loved. If you want to receive a home customized to suit your needs and personality, we recommend that you call us today.

We Know the Local Rules

When it comes to building new homes, we are familiar with all the rules and regulations in Hillsborough. Our team is educated on what is allowed, what isn’t, and the best ways to build a home to meet all regulations.

We’ve been in the area for many years, so we never forget any of the rules. When you decide to hire us, we want you to know you are getting a home that is 100% up to code. A less reliable business would not be able to make those claims. They may take shortcuts that cost you later.

Overall, we are very familiar with all local guidelines, allowing us to follow them with ease. If you have any questions about what you can do with building a new home on your property, make sure to call us. We would love to give you the answers you need to feel comfortable with our offer services.

We Understand the Climate

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that we understand the climate and weather of the Hillsborough area. This small detail is very important when you are trying to build a quality home. It allows us to make homes best suited for the conditions.

When your builders have worked in the same area for many years (like us), they know what materials are safe to use. Plus, they also are familiar with what works and what doesn’t in a new home design.

Keystone, FL is a very unique area. It can be humid and rainy, but also very warm and sunny later in the week. We know all the materials to use, so you don’t have to deal with corrosion and other issues in the home later down the line.

Overall, you want to make sure the builders you choose are familiar with your property’s area. We recommend hiring Florida builders to create homes in Florida, as they are most familiar with the area.

Final Thoughts

You always should spend time thinking about the builders you are hiring to create your new house. The business should be certified and familiar with the rules in the county. Plus, the more experience they have making homes in that location, the better.

We recommend that you don’t always choose the first result you find in your favorite search engine. Make sure that you check out their qualifications. However, you can feel confident that we have all the experience needed to build your dream home- we hope you can trust us with this task!

Call us at 813-680-2422 to learn more! We also recommend that you visit our website at UrlCompanyWebsite.

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