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  • Built our home with Avalon. Great communication through out the process. The team answered all of our questions and was flexible with request. We love our new home. I recommend them to friends and family.

    Shannon Castillo

    Our Avalon home was completed in April 2019. Every step of the process was guided by knowledgeable and caring staff. Every staff person worked diligently to provide excellent customer service. Almost every he subcontractor has a longstanding relationship with the builder, quite remarkable these days. Overall,... read more

    Rosanna Licht

    We built the Avalon III on our own lot in 2016. It was very easy to work with Sue and the builder. There was good communication throughout the process and we couldn't be happier with our home.

    Sandra Vigil
  • Avalon takes pride in their work. There are so many options to pick from and you truly get to pick everything, not like other places that have limited selections or "packages ". All of their staff are there for you from start to finish with any questions. They make you... read more

    Marion Knott

    We love having such a beautiful and well-built house that we have made into our home. Everyone made the whole process as easy as possible, and the whole experience was more exciting and pleasant than we expected. Thanks to the entire team that made this journey so special.

    John Lawson

    If you want custom home type building on a budget check out Avalon. They built a home for us in 2019/2020. The finishes are definitely much nicer than we had in our Sun City Del Webb Carolina Lakes home. They build on time with no surprises and... read more

    Wendy Crofford
  • We are so pleased with our new Avalon home. The quality is excellent. They have so many options to choose from that makes your home unique and individualized. During some challenging times, they worked with us and we are so happy with the outcome. Our... read more

    Lisa Brummett

    I had a house built by Avalon homes in 2018. Construction and move in went very well. Fast forward to 2020 and after a short stint overseas we moved back into the house. We found a couple of issues that I wasn't sure were still under warranty. We called Avalon... read more

    Victor Solero

New Homes For Sale In Hallelujah Keys

Tips for New Home Constructions Near Me in Hallelujah Keys, FL

If you decide to have a home built for you rather than moving into an older one, you may be overwhelmed with everything that comes with designing your own house. You want everything to be perfect, but the stress that comes with perfection may make you hesitant to take the step toward building your own home. 

There are many things you should consider before searching “new home constructions near me” in Hallelujah Keys, FL: everything from discovering an aesthetic, thinking about your future, and deciding which features you are willing to spend extra money on. There are a lot of decisions to make; but, in the end, you can live happily for years in your dream home.

Design Inspiration

When you first take a look at the floor plan for your new home, if you don’t have a good idea of how you want your new house to look, all of the design aspects may seem confounding. You get to build your house from scratch, meaning every square foot of your house can match whatever aesthetic you want. Do you want to build a large library on your first floor or have a giant, marble fireplace in the living room? You can do all of this, but you need to know what you want before agreeing on a floor plan.

Before you start working with your builder, you should look through design inspiration so you can decide on every feature that you want. Discover your aesthetic and how you want to reflect that in your living spaces. Create a list of must-haves in your home that you cannot live without and decide, based on your budget, what is feasible. Your dream home in Hillsborough County should be unique to you, but looking at inspiration can help you get an idea of what your house could look like. Before searching “new home construction near me” or finding new homes for sale in Hallelujah Keys, FL, browse the internet for some design inspiration so you can make your dreams a reality. 

Consider the Future

Although you may be wrapped up in the present and the excitement of designing a house for you and your family, it’s important to also consider your plans for the future. If you are single or recently married, you should consider whether or not you want to have kids in the future. If having children is a goal you hope to achieve, you should think about the space that you will need. If you design your house for your present needs, you may find yourself outgrowing it in a few years.

Another aspect to think about is your occupation. Do you have a job that, eventually, will require you to work from home? Or do you have any hobbies that take up a lot of space? You should consider your occupation and hobbies when designing your floor plan. Make some extra space for an office or a passion room so you can ensure that you have enough space for work inside your home in Hallelujah Keys, FL.

Don’t Follow the Trends

Although it may be tempting to hop on a trend because it looks appealing now, you should never make decisions solely because it’s popular at the moment. Think about photos of houses from the seventies or the eighties: the bright colored wallpaper, the psychedelic carpets, the furniture with weird patterns. Although these may have been popular then, they may now look tacky and unappealing.

What is trendy today may not be trendy in a decade, or even a year from now. When looking for new home constructions near me, don’t hop on a trend just because you think it will make your house look flawless. What is perfect for one person isn’t perfect for all, so make the house as unique to you as possible and don’t worry about what is currently trendy. You don’t want a cookie-cutter house that matches any in Hillsborough County anyway.

Prioritize the Most Important Features

It may be tempting to choose the most expensive features that are offered to you when putting together the floor plan for your house, but that will come with a large price tag and may even push back your finishing time if they need to buy the newest finish for everything. 

When you decide to look for new homes for sale in Hallelujah Keys, FL, you should decide which features are must-haves and which ones are less important. You may need marble countertops but couldn’t care less about the fireplace, for example. Before speaking with your builders to determine which features you want in your new home, you should make a list of exactly which ones you want and order them from most to least important. That way, when looking at your budget, you can make quick choices.

Consider the Function

Although it may be exciting to design your new home in Hillsborough County, it’s not a free-for-all. You want your house to have a function and a flow that makes sense. For some families, two bedrooms joined by a bathroom may work and for some, it may harm the flow of your new home. If you’re older, a set of stairs meeting you the second you open the front door may not be the best choice.

Although something may aesthetically look pleasant, such as a library that climbs up the stairs, it may not be great for the function or flow of your house. When you and your builder create the floor plan for your new home construction in Hillsborough County, consider how well everything will flow.

Storage, Storage, Storage!

One of the worst aspects of buying an older house is that there’s never enough storage. When you first move in, it seems like the amount of storage is infinite; however, after the first few years, it feels as if all of the storage has been sucked out of your house.

After searching “new home constructions near me” in Hillsborough County, you should consider adding extra storage. Whether it’s under the stairs, in the kitchen, or in the form of extra closet space, you can never go wrong with extra storage. Allowing for extra storage will allow you to grow with the house instead of growing out of it.

Once you have followed all of the design tips, you can start searching for new homes for sale or find a builder who can create your dream home with you. If you’re ready to build your home, call Avalon Building Corporation at 813-680-2422 to start designing your home. You can browse our model homes to start to configure your new house.

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