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  • Built our home with Avalon. Great communication through out the process. The team answered all of our questions and was flexible with request. We love our new home. I recommend them to friends and family.

    Shannon Castillo

    Our Avalon home was completed in April 2019. Every step of the process was guided by knowledgeable and caring staff. Every staff person worked diligently to provide excellent customer service. Almost every he subcontractor has a longstanding relationship with the builder, quite remarkable these days. Overall,... read more

    Rosanna Licht

    We built the Avalon III on our own lot in 2016. It was very easy to work with Sue and the builder. There was good communication throughout the process and we couldn't be happier with our home.

    Sandra Vigil
  • Avalon takes pride in their work. There are so many options to pick from and you truly get to pick everything, not like other places that have limited selections or "packages ". All of their staff are there for you from start to finish with any questions. They make you... read more

    Marion Knott

    We love having such a beautiful and well-built house that we have made into our home. Everyone made the whole process as easy as possible, and the whole experience was more exciting and pleasant than we expected. Thanks to the entire team that made this journey so special.

    John Lawson

    If you want custom home type building on a budget check out Avalon. They built a home for us in 2019/2020. The finishes are definitely much nicer than we had in our Sun City Del Webb Carolina Lakes home. They build on time with no surprises and... read more

    Wendy Crofford
  • We are so pleased with our new Avalon home. The quality is excellent. They have so many options to choose from that makes your home unique and individualized. During some challenging times, they worked with us and we are so happy with the outcome. Our... read more

    Lisa Brummett

    I had a house built by Avalon homes in 2018. Construction and move in went very well. Fast forward to 2020 and after a short stint overseas we moved back into the house. We found a couple of issues that I wasn't sure were still under warranty. We called Avalon... read more

    Victor Solero

New Homes For Sale In Chicken Island

Reasons to Find New Homes Near Me in Chicken Island, FL

When you decide to finally move into the world of homeownership, or you’re looking to sell your home to buy a new one, there are a lot of options to consider: do you want to buy an old house, a newly constructed one, or build one from scratch? Each option has benefits and disadvantages that you should consider before taking the step toward homeownership.

Building your own home may seem perfect: you can design your house exactly how you want it, you get to make all of the decisions, and you know it has never been lived in. However, some pros and cons need to be considered before choosing to build your own home. Building your home rather than buying one can be costly and if you don’t research your home builders, new homes for sale in Chicken Island, FL may be better for you. If you have weighed the advantages and disadvantages and you are sure that building is the best option, then searching for “new homes near me” is the next step to start designing your dream home in Hillsborough County.

Pro: It’s Brand New

For some people, moving into a house that has already been lived in can be a stressful, even unpleasant thought. You have no way of knowing how the previous owner treated the house and whether or not they took care of it. When you move into an older house in Chicken Island, FL, you may be signing up for a load of issues: everything from dangerous chemicals in the walls to broken features.

When you build your home or find new homes for sale in Chicken Island, FL, you can ensure that you will be the first person to ever live there. You don’t have to worry about the previous owner incorrectly dealing with a flooded basement or not-so-perfect renovations. In a newly built home, you can rest easy knowing that all of the features are new, updated, and up to code so nothing will break down on you any time soon.

A constructed house built just for you, as well, will assure that there are no harmful toxins hidden anywhere. Many old houses were built with asbestos in the insulation or lead paint covering the walls. Not noticing these harmful aspects can lead to you or your family getting sick. Even if an inspection points out these issues after you move in, you have to pay to have them fixed. These unexpected issues can be costly and add some extra stress to your moving experience. Asbestos and lead paint are no longer used, so your newly-built home will be completely free of these toxins. If you decide to build your home, search for “new homes near me” to ensure that you find the best builders in Hillsborough County.

Pro: Do It Your Way

There’s no point in wasting hours going from one open house to another or searching online for “new homes near me”, painstakingly looking for every feature that you want. If you are purchasing a house that has already been built, you may never find one with every amenity that your dream house holds. If you have a long list of must-haves, you should have your house custom built.

If you want large walk-in closets, extra storage in every room, an open concept kitchen, and a formal dining room, you may struggle to find any older house that has all of these features. While you can buy the house then make these renovations afterward, that can be pricey and take years to complete. Never settle for a house that doesn’t have every feature you desire when you can have a house built just for you. Most home builders in Chicken Island, FL will have semi-customizable floor plans so you can make changes wherever you see fit: extra storage here, move a window there, add a room on the second floor. No matter the desire, a home builder in Hillsborough County can create the perfect floor plan for you.

Pro: Avoid the Dreaded Bidding War

There’s an unfortunate scenario that so many potential homeowners have found themselves in: they find a home in Hillsborough County that they fall in love with, their real estate agent helps them make an offer that will award them the home, and the seller chooses someone else’s offer. They have lost the dreaded bidding war.

The house that you found when searching “new homes near me” was your dream house; however, it also happens to be the dream house of many others. The housing market is competitive and too many times, people lose the house that they could see themselves spending the rest of their lives in. 

When you choose to build a new home in Chicken Island, FL, you don’t need to go through the heartbreak of the bidding war. Once you have decided on your builders and the land your new home will go on, no one will try to take your home away from you. Don’t compete with the other people searching “new homes for sale” in Chicken Island, FL: skip the bidding war and build your home.

Pro: You Can Choose Where You Want to Live

Not only is it hard to find your dream home when you’re searching for “new homes near me” that have already been built, but it’s nearly impossible to find your dream house at your dream location. Whether you want to live on the seaside or the neighborhood that you grew up in, that perfect house may not ever exist.

Building a house in Chicken Island, FL will allow you to choose exactly where you want your dream house to be. As long as the foundation for the house is livable, you can build your home wherever you desire. With a new home in Hillsborough County, you can put your dream home anywhere.

Con: Long Wait Time and a Large Bill

It comes without surprise that building a home from scratch is more expensive than buying one that has already been built. Purchasing anything that is custom-made will come with a higher price tag due to the time, skills, and work that goes into making it perfect for you. For the same reasons, it will take much longer to have a house built than to move into an older home.

While you can potentially move into your new home months after the offer has settled, it can take up to seven months for a newly constructed house to be ready to move into. While you get to customize every aspect of your new home in Chicken Island, FL, it will take many months before you can see it finished.

Con: Noise, Mud, and Dust Galore

If you’re moving into a newly-constructed house, chances are there are other houses being custom built in the same neighborhood. While it may be fun to watch someone else’s house go from a wooden frame to a liveable environment, a lot of noise, mud, and dust will come with it. 

If you are someone who doesn’t handle loud noises well or has severe dust allergies, maybe ensure that you’re not moving into a neighborhood full of newly-constructed houses. If you are, you may be dealing with the dust, mud, and noise for months, if not years.

Con: Stress

When you first sit down to create your new floor plan, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices that you have to make. You get to choose everything from how many rooms the second floor will have to the type of countertops the builders will put in your kitchen. If you’ve never dealt with home building before, all of these decisions may seem stressful. You may feel that if you make any mistakes, your dream house may no longer be perfect and you may find yourself settling into a home that you didn’t want.

Finding a real estate agent may help make some of the planning a little less complicated, as they can help you make the decisions that will be the most cost-effective for your budget and take a little bit of that stress away from you.

If you decide, after weighing your pros and cons, that you want to have a custom house built for you in Chicken Island, FL, you must find a builder that you can trust to bring your dream house into reality. At Avalon Building Corporation, we have over twenty-seven years of experience building houses so we can guarantee that you will love yours. If you’re finished searching “new homes near me”, give us a call at 813-680-2422 or fill out a contact form on our website to get started on your dream home today!

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