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  • Built our home with Avalon. Great communication through out the process. The team answered all of our questions and was flexible with request. We love our new home. I recommend them to friends and family.

    Shannon Castillo

    Our Avalon home was completed in April 2019. Every step of the process was guided by knowledgeable and caring staff. Every staff person worked diligently to provide excellent customer service. Almost every he subcontractor has a longstanding relationship with the builder, quite remarkable these days. Overall,... read more

    Rosanna Licht

    We built the Avalon III on our own lot in 2016. It was very easy to work with Sue and the builder. There was good communication throughout the process and we couldn't be happier with our home.

    Sandra Vigil
  • Avalon takes pride in their work. There are so many options to pick from and you truly get to pick everything, not like other places that have limited selections or "packages ". All of their staff are there for you from start to finish with any questions. They make you... read more

    Marion Knott

    We love having such a beautiful and well-built house that we have made into our home. Everyone made the whole process as easy as possible, and the whole experience was more exciting and pleasant than we expected. Thanks to the entire team that made this journey so special.

    John Lawson

    If you want custom home type building on a budget check out Avalon. They built a home for us in 2019/2020. The finishes are definitely much nicer than we had in our Sun City Del Webb Carolina Lakes home. They build on time with no surprises and... read more

    Wendy Crofford
  • We are so pleased with our new Avalon home. The quality is excellent. They have so many options to choose from that makes your home unique and individualized. During some challenging times, they worked with us and we are so happy with the outcome. Our... read more

    Lisa Brummett

    I had a house built by Avalon homes in 2018. Construction and move in went very well. Fast forward to 2020 and after a short stint overseas we moved back into the house. We found a couple of issues that I wasn't sure were still under warranty. We called Avalon... read more

    Victor Solero

New Home Construction In Lillibridge

Reasons to Consider New Construction Homes Near You in Lillibridge, FL

Are you considering Lillibridge, FL new home construction? If so, have you been researching “new construction homes near me”, but have been less-than-impressed by the home construction companies you’ve found? Well, look no further, because you’ve come to the right place! Avalon Building Corporation is a leading Hillsborough County home builder contractor that has been building stunning, semi-custom homes throughout the area for more than 27 years. Our grand award-winning home plans range from 1,800 to 4,200 square feet and can be built on your own lot or one of ours. Our home building contractors use the highest quality supplies and the most advanced construction techniques to ensure long-lasting durability while incorporating elegant standard features that truly make each property shine. Bright, open floor plans offer exceptional livability, and our newly constructed homes are backed by 2 to 10 year home buyer’s warranties. If you’re looking for the most reliable house builders near you, contact a company that will make your dream home a reality.

Benefits of Lillibridge, FL New Home Construction

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re an existing homeowner who is looking to relocate, you have two options when it comes to purchasing a new house: resale (previously owned) homes or Lillibridge, FL new home construction. If you’re on the fence about which way to go, consider the following benefits of new home construction near you.

Everything is Brand New

The most obvious benefit of Lillibridge, FL new home construction is that everything is brand new. From the roof to the foundation, and from the windows to the fixtures, every single component of a newly constructed house is, well, brand spanking new. You and your family will be the first to use the showers, the first to prepare and share meals, the first to sleep under the roof, and your memories will be the first ones made in a newly constructed home.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

When compared to a resale house, the maintenance and repair costs that are associated with a Lillibridge, FL new home construction are significantly lower. Because everything will be brand new, you won’t have to deal with repair and maintenance costs for at least a few years. With a previously homes house, however, there’s no telling what you’re going to find once you move in. Even if no issues are found during the inspection, because the house has been standing for a while and all of the components have been used, you never know when the roof is going to spring a leak, the electrical system is going to malfunction, or if you’ll end up having to foot the bill for any errors with the DIY repairs or upgrades the previous homeowner may have made.

A Builder’s Warranty

In the event that something does go wrong with your newly constructed home and repairs need to be made, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with the added expense. Reputable Hillsborough County home building contractors will back their work with a warranty. The length of the warranty varies and depends on the home builder contractor; however, generally speaking, they can range from six months to 2 years, though the best builders will offer extended warranties of up to 10 years. Typically, a builder’s warranty will cover the materials, craftsmanship, and major structural elements; the plumbing, electrical, roofing, windows, doors, tile, drywall, etc. If any damages or defects occur, the builder will cover the necessary repairs.

Lower Utility Bills

A Lillibridge, FL new home construction contractor will use the most energy-efficient products and materials, such as insulation, windows, doors, and even low-flow faucets and toilets. They’ll also make sure that the property meets stringent Hillsborough County, state, and national standards. They may even incorporate smart home systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and irrigation systems. Not only will these features help to reduce your carbon footprint, but because they reduce energy consumption, the utility bills for a Hillsborough County newly constructed home can be significantly less than those of a resale home.

No Need for Renovations

While it is possible to renovate a resale property and turn it into your dream home, the process will take quite a while, can be extremely stressful, and can cost an exorbitant amount of money (in addition to how much you’ll spend to buy the house). When you purchase a newly constructed property, however, you won’t have to deal with the costs, headaches, or hassles that are associated with renovations. When you have a new home built, the floor plan, features, fixtures, and all other components can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Financing Perks

A lot of people assume that the initial cost of a newly constructed house will is a lot more than a resale property. However, the opposite is usually true. Often, it’s easier to secure a loan for a newly constructed property. Plus, credible home building contractors often offer discounts, add extra amenities or both. There are tax incentives, too, such as state sales tax deductions, property tax, and even energy tax credits.


Convenience is another notable benefit of Lillibridge, FL new home construction. When you buy a resale home, even if you don’t have to do big renovations, you may need to make minor tweaks; replacing the old carpet, repairing holes in the wall, removing tacky wallpaper, or changing out toilet seats and showerheads, for example. Additionally, you’ll almost certainly need to clean the house from top-to-bottom to rid the property of the dirt and debris the previous homeowners left behind. When you buy a newly constructed Hillsborough County home, while there may be some basic projects you might want to do to make it your own (adding some paint to the walls or changing out builders-grade fixtures, for example), those projects don’t have to be done right away. In other words, when you purchase a newly constructed property, the house will be move-in ready.

Contact an Award-Winning Hillsborough County Home Builder Contractor

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the above-mentioned benefits, instead of searching online for “new home construction near me”, get in touch with an award-winning contractor with more than 27 years of experience: Avalon Building Corporation. To meet with our team, view our floor plans, and find out how we can make your dream home a reality, call 813-680-2422 or visit

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