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Dear Mr. Zuckerman,

 I would like to begin by saying, “Thanks for the Memories”.  My wife and I can not begin to think of the words to describe our building experience with your company.  Being hard working people ourselves, we are aware of the hard work and great deal of sacrifice it took to get to where you are currently and that is why we selected you as our builder.  After living in our home for the past month, we felt this was the perfect time to express our feelings for the fantastic job that you have accomplished.  It is with great pride, honor and pleasure that we can say we selected the best home builder in the Tampa Bay area, and the most professional, honorable, down to earth, straight talking and friendliest builder that we could have ever met.

From the conception to build a new home, we began by seeking out a compatible company to meet our needs.  Although we spoke with many other builders and reviewed multiple plans, it became very apparent for us to select Avalon Builders for the job.  Comparing apples to apples, structural design, quality of workmanship, and attention to detail, just to name a few of the qualities we looked for in a builder.  Avalon easily met those needs and exceeded our expectations by offering us the best possible value for our money.  Price per square foot was not the bottom line, but the personal attention was paramount in our decision.  This allowed us to determine the real net work of an Avalon home.  This meant a lot to LaShon and I in making our decision to build an Avalon home.  The vision of a dream home catastrophe was the last thing on our mind.  Although we watched our dream become a reality right before our eyes from week to week, we realized that we could have left the state for six months and returned to the exact same beautiful and quality build home that we now reside.

 Once again Ralph, we would like to thank you and your staff for being the professionals that you are.  I must point out, that Bill is a great asset to your company, his great attitude and meticulous attention to detail is another reason why we felt so comfortable with our decision.  Avalon, you are the best all around builder in the Tampa Bay area.  May your excellent work continue to speak for itself, and good luck in all future endeavors.

 Heart felt Friend,

 Mr. & Mrs. Solomon H. Green

Palm Harbor, Fl 34681

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 14:02

We love our home

Dear Ralph:

     For the past few months we have looked forward with great anticipation to the completion of our dream home.

     We thoroughly enjoyed being closely involved in the construction phase.  The few minor problems that arose were addressed and resolved to our complete satisfaction.  We love the basic design of your home and the custom features we added make it even more beautiful.

     We love our home, speak highly of you and will recommend you to our friends.  We would be happy to speak with any potential clients regarding the high quality of your homes.

     Please give our thanks to Bill and Sue for their involvement.


 Tony & Suzanne Gianfalla

P. S. It was fun to be famous!


 I wanted to put that in writing because I know many people do not take the time to.

 I have had three prior homes built for me and have not always wanted to say thank you.

 Since I am on a roll I have a list of people to THANK.

 To:  David Hennessy

Thank you for the on-time completion of the project.  You truly made it all happen.

 To:  Sue Lawrence

Thank you for all your help and follow up work.

 To:  Ralph Zuckerman

Thank you for being a perfectionist, it shows in the quality of our home.

 Our friends love it.


 Mark E. Eaton

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been a pleasure working with Avalon Building Corporation for 6 months, the period of time it took to build our home.

We would recommend him to anyone wanting to build a quality home.  The time and care he dedicated to building our home was much appreciated.  The contractors he uses are very professional, did a fine job and seem to stand by their work.  Any problems we have had were resolved quickly.

We have now been in our new home approx. 3 weeks and are very happy with the way it was built.  My husband was supervising the process from the beginning to end and we know the house was built extremely well.

Ralph Zuckerman is pleasant to deal with and really takes pride in his work.  Any differences of opinion between Ralph and us were discussed and resolved to our satisfaction.

We are happy we decided to build with Avalon Building Corporation and have faith in him to continue building quality homes at a fair price.


Joseph and Camille Durnford

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 13:57

You have exceeded our expectations

Dear Ralph,

 I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all of your efforts and professional manner in the way you constructed our new home.

 From our viewpoint, myself the Mechanical Engineer and Aidee the Architect, we may have been overly interested in the manner of the construction and attention to detail.  I can only say that your performance and attention to details was Exceptional!  You have exceeded our expectations.  This is something that I believe that the larger builders are not able to do regularly.  Be assured of the fact that I would recommend you to any individual considering constructing a new home.

 From Carlos, Nicolas, Aidee and Myself we offer you our thanks and appreciation.  By the way, I did not forget about the round of golf that I owe you.


 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Aidee Dohse

 PS:  Sue Lawrence it was always a pleasure speaking with you.  You are a tremendous asset and if you ever decide to leave Ralph……Give me a call.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 13:48

I would and have recommended Avalon

Dear Ralph:

 It is so rare in today’s home building market, to find exceptional customer/client service and value.  Given the onslaught of press, both print and media (positive and negative) surrounding homebuilders in this venue, and some of the absolute horror stories the consumer is barraged with, I was remarkable impressed with Avalon.  For this reason I feel compelled to THANK YOU and your staff for what I believe to have been a very professional and pleasant experience.

 Having met with many other homebuilders and as you are aware I had even contracted with another builder, I was becoming very disillusioned about the process and the prospects of getting those things I desired in my custom home.  Securing a homebuilder who could accommodate building a custom home on my lot, coupled with the time-constraints of my schedule, without excessive and un-warranted expenses, was of critical importance to me.  From my first meeting with Sandy, through all of the on-site meetings with John Cooper, and numerous telephone calls with you, your advice, patience and sincerity was an extreme departure from what I had expected.  Additionally, your staff, Liz and Dot and their kind and helpful assistance through this laborious process were also commendable.  By far, Sue Lawrence was the pinnacle cornerstone of this process. Her overwhelming and genuine level of professionalism was superior.

Avalon Building Corporation defined for me, the custom home building process.  The value of the home you build……before, during and after the process has been extremely noteworthy.  I would and have recommended Avalon as a homebuilder to anyone seeking quality, innovation and integrity.


 Kevin M. Deeley

Long Putt Court, Palm Harbor

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 13:45

Our friend marveled at the quality

Dear Ralph,

         We were proudly showing our beautiful new home to a friend who is a Builder in Michigan.  He marveled at the quality;  the many unique features;  as well as, the total design.  He wasn’t surprised when we told him that you had received the “Parade of Homes” awards for the “best quality” for the price;  the “best designed kitchen” and the “best overall design”.

         You and your staff made building a home an absolute pleasure for us.  We always knew, in advance, what to expect and when to expect it.  Dave is an excellent and talented supervisor.  Sue Lawrence graciously handled the many details.

         We wish to express out deepest appreciation to you for orchestrating such an excellent project and for making us so happy!  If there is any way that we can help you promote “Avalon” please let us know.


 Dr. and Mrs. Louis B. Coriasso                                                   

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 13:43

We are pleased with our new home

Dear Ralph,

 We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new home and what an excellent job your company did throughout the entire home-building process.  We heard many people have horror stories when they build – not us!  Our experience was terrific and we will refer to you everyone we know who is interested in building.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.

 I know you are aware we hired a home inspector to make sure everything was done correctly.  I have had numerous dealings with him and hired him specifically because he is tough and thorough.  A friend of mine hired him while he was building with a well - known and highly regarded homebuilder, and after each inspection he would come back with a list 10-20 items long.  When he inspected our house he usually had a list of 3-4 items, all of which were minor and most you already were in the process of correcting.  Bravo!

Special thanks to Jim Druggan, our construction supervisor who was always there when we needed him, went above and beyond the call of duty more than once, and was ultimately responsible for those short inspection punch lists.  Also to Sue Lawrence, who helped us numerous times in coordinating the bank, the county, and whoever else tried to make our lives difficult.  She smoothed the way, did it pleasantly and efficiently, and kept us sane.  Finally, Sandy.  What can we say?  She was and is a joy to work with and was instrumental in us choosing Avalon in the first place.

 Congratulations on creating a well-run business that builds a first-rate home.  We are convinced you are the best value in the market.

 Warm Regards,

 Mark and Lorry Collier

Tall Oak Trail in Tarpon Springs

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 13:42

We are very happy with our Avalon home

We are very happy with our Avalon home and the outstanding quality of construction.

In our experience with Ralph, one of the best and important things we found was how very reliable and responsible he was. He was also available to us if we needed to discuss things along the way.

The follow up after the closing was excellent. The requests were addressed and then solved in a timely manner.

We would not hesitate to have Ralph and Avalon build another home for us in the future.



Dr. Luis and Sofia Annoni

3964 Capital Drive

Palm Harbor, FL 34865

Dear Ralph,

We have been thoroughly enjoying our new home. It has been three months to the day that we have been here and it really is beginning to feel like home.

At this time we would like to thank you for your sincere integrity and skill as a home builder. We have appreciated your sense of style and precision during and after the construction of our home. You have provided prompt and professional attention to all our inquiries. Building a home is known to be one of the most stressful ordeals in a persons life; but Avalon Building Corporation of Tampa Bay made it an easy and interesting learning experience for our whole family.

There is no doubt that you will continue to grow and prosper through the years.

Sincere gratitude,

 Paul and Marie Amirto

1457 East Lake Woodlands Parkway

Oldsmar,  FL 34677

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