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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 14:39

You have provided us with a beautiful home that we will cherish for years to come

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Dear Ralph,

It has been a few months since we moved into our Avalon home.  Susan and I just wanted to take a minute to express our satisfaction and thanks for a superior job done by you and your company.  From the very start of our home building process I quickly began to notice that Avalon had the unusual distinction of having a respected reputation coupled with class leading value in construction cost.  Your award winning floor plans were also a step above the competition and truly displayed the perfect mix of function and appearance.

 After choosing Avalon as our builder you were very accommodating and patient making sure that Susan and I were completely comfortable and confident with the home and the building process.  You were available when needed and made the reasonable concessions necessary to accommodate our specific needs and wishes.  Your flexibility in the building process speaks to your company being more of an upscale custom style builder as opposed to simply mass producing tract homes.

 When the construction started we were both impressed by your company’s employees who we were in contact with almost daily.  Sue Tata was very patient with our color and options selections and always made herself available to us.  During the initial stages of the contract signing and color selections she often contacted me from home and always answered my calls regardless of if she was working, or on her day off.  She was always pleasant and knowledgeable about the choices available and was quick to get additional information when needed.

 Guy was fantastic from start to finish.  He was on the construction site often and never missed a detail when looking over the build from start to finish.  I have seen Guy go from patiently and politely explaining the construction process to my wife, then seconds later answering his cell phone to sternly correct a subcontractor, for a minor detail being missed or out of place.  He was unyielding in his supervision of the vendor’s construction quality and he is the perfect combination of experience and dedication needed to successfully supervise the amount of construction that your company produces.

 As you already know the individual coordinating and organizing this process can make or break the whole project.  Sue Lawrence was amazingly competent, and organized.  She comfortably managed the office and her attention to detail was second to none.  She was a pleasure to work with and solidified my confidence in the whole process.  You have wisely empowered her to quickly make decisions on her own which only adds to her efficiency and ability to successfully run and manage the daily operations of your company.

 Besides all of the positives mentioned above I was most impressed by the honesty of your company.  When the construction process was over I was actually credited back money.  For example, we had paid for fill dirt to be brought in for the lot when we signed the contract.  To my surprise, Guy called me after the lot prep and informed me that after seeing the lot cleared we did not need the extra dirt, and that I would be refunded the entire amount.  This happened in multiple areas throughout the construction process and took me by complete surprise.  Small details like this could have easily been charged to a customer and their true need would have never been known.  I am convinced that many builders would have never credited any money back and simply insist that everything done was absolutely necessary, increasing their own profits in the process.  You and your staff have proven to me your honesty and integrity, which in the home construction business are two rare commodities.  Before building with you, I contacted everyone from banks, prior customers, subcontractors and even someone who went to school with Ralph, in an attempt to get a true picture of the company’s reputation.  I could not find any negative comments and now it is clear to me why everyone has been so positive.

 Susan and I offer a sincere thank you for a wonderful job done well.  You have provided us with a beautiful home that we will cherish for years to come.  If we can ever be of assistance to you with future customers or in any other way please let us know.


Tim and Susan White

Thurston Groves


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