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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 14:16

We are very proud of our new home

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Dear Ralph:

      It has been several months since we moved into our new Avalon home and time has give us a chance to sit back and do some reflection.  Yes….we are very proud of our new home and the favorable comments we receive continue to enhance our pride.

      During construction, we monitored progress on a daily basis and worked closely with our superintendent, Greg, to ensure all work was being done to our satisfaction.  Since the Field of Engineering has been a daily part of our lives for many years, we were possibly more inclined than most to evaluate all work  “with a fine tooth comb”.  However, communication and your staff’s dedication to providing quality and satisfaction guided us through the experience.  We would not hesitate to recommend Avalon Building Corporation to anyone contemplating building a new home.

      We are pleased with our new home and our thanks to you and your staff for making this a reality.  Our best wishes to Avalon building Corporation for continued success and growth.


       Trudy and Walt MacDonald

      Garland Circle           

      Palm Harbor

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