Build On Your Lot

Build On Your Lot Experts

Avalon has the expertise and experience necessary to make your dream home on your lot a reality.  As the saying goes – “location, location, location”.  If you already own the lot, or like a lot in the location of your dreams, then the next step is finding a qualified builder who has the experience need for the unique challenges of building on vacant land rather than in already developed subdivisions, Avalon should be your choice.

Not only is Avalon a semi-custom builder with an array of plans to start with to create your dream home, but Avalon has been building “on-your-lot” in the Tampa Bay area for over 27 years.  If you have a lot you already own, or are considering buying a lot, we will be glad to take a look at the lot with you and help you determine feasibility and any potential lot preparation expenses.

You don’t have to wait until you own a lot to get started with Avalon.  Selecting the home you want can be your first step and then you will be able to look for land that will accommodate the home you wish to build.  While some lots/land may look buildable to the average person, some will have challenges that may exceed the person’s budget to turn the land into a buildable lot for their dream home.

“On-your-lot” also includes lots that are in existing subdivisions.  Avalon has built homes over the years in a vast array of notable subdivisions.  If you have or are looking at a lot in a subdivision, Avalon should still be your choice.  We provide quality construction, elegant homes at great value.

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